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St Clair Veterinary Group

Cat Neutering


Unless your pet is to be used for breeding purposes we recommend neutering your cat at around six months of age. This entails castrating males cats and spaying (ovariohysterectomy) queens.

Unspayed females over this age are very likely to become pregnant if going outdoors or be continuously in and out of call (season) if kept indoors - this can be very distressing for both cat and owner.

Male cats which are left entire are likely to urinate (spray) in the house to mark their territory. They will also roam a lot further than castrated males therefore increasing the risk of road traffic accidents and cat fights injuries.

Male and female cats will require a short general anaesthetic for the procedure and are able to go home later on the same day as the surgery. Neither male nor female cats will have skin sutures after their operation. We are able to perform cat neutering at our Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes (Cos Lane) and Leven surgeries. Please just give the surgeries a call to arrange a date and our receptionists will give you all the necessary details.

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