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We undertake the majority of complex surgical procedures IN HOUSE without the need for referral to specialist centres and Universities.

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St Clair Veterinary Group, Ophthalmology Service for pets

Eye Referral Service

Ophthalmology Service

St Clair Vets started an Ophthalmology service in 1996. This is run by Neil Geddes. Neil qualified from Edinburgh Vet School in 1987 and completed his Ophthalmology training in 1996. The service offers in-house Ophthalmology case reviews as well as external referrals from other vet practices throughout Fife and Tayside. Currently there are only 3 other practices in Scotland offering a full time Ophthalmology service.

The Ophthalmology service is split into a consulting and an operating side. The consultations cover all aspects of eye cases from eyelid and corneal problems through to more complicated lens and retinal issues. Consultations normally last 20-30 minutes and are arranged directly if you are a registered client or via a referring vet from another practice. The use of advanced equipment including Slit Lamp Biomicroscopes, Indirect Ophthalmoscopes and Electronic Tonometers allow early and complete diagnosis of most issues. Operating is done using a specialist Operating Microscope and Micro-Surgical instruments. The surgical case load is split fairly evenly between eyelid, corneal and lens surgery. Most lens surgery involves the removal of cataracts (lens opacities) and the implantation of new prosthetic lenses in their place. The cataract surgery is done using Phacoemulsification, the same technique used in humans. The practice has just invested in a new state of the art phacoemulsification machine. Most dogs have the procedure done in the morning, stay overnight as in patients and are discharged the next day. Recovery time is normally 7-10 days, although we like our patients to have a relatively quiet life for a month following surgery. The success rate for cataract surgery currently stands at 90%.