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ID Chips

ID chips

ID chipping is a process whereby a small electronic chip - the identichip - is injected under your petís skin where it will remain for the rest of its life. Each chip has a separate identification number which will be unique to your pet and can be read with a scanner used by vets, the SSPCA, dog wardens and the police.

Once ID chipped the details of ownership are logged on a central database so if your pet is recovered after being lost or stolen then once scanned it is easy to reunite pet and owner.

Cats and dogs being taken abroad as part of the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) have to be ID chipped to be eligible for the scheme.

Almost any species can be ID chipped and we have ID chipped tortoises, parrots and rabbits at our practice.

ID chipping can be performed at the time of vaccination, whilst under anaesthetic for neutering or simply by appointment. We encourage owners not to handle the scruff of their pet's neck too roughly for the first week after chipping to reduce the chance of the chip migrating. One of the nurses will quickly scan your pet 1 week after chipping to ensure that it is still in position.