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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

We will discuss pet insurance with you at your petís first vaccination, or the first time we see a new animal.

Pet insurance gives peace of mind, pays the vet bills and when compared with the annual cost of car, house or health insurance is ultimately affordable.

The importance of insuring your pet cannot be under-estimated - pet insurance pays!

Why insure your pet?

House, car, holiday, health, pet - which is the odd one out? For most people the answer would probably be pet since it is the only one likely not to be covered by insurance. Now ask yourself which of the list you consider to be the most important and Iím sure that your pet will be at least in the top half.

Ill health and accidents are things we hope our pets never encounter, however they do occur and often without any forewarning. There is no equivalent of the National Health Service for animals in the UK so you will be liable as a pet's owner for any veterinary fees.

Fees will vary dramatically depending on the problem itself; for example a short bout of vomiting and diarrhoea may not incur enough cost to warrant an insurance claim whereas a dog with chronic skin disease could cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds over the years.

Why not let pet insurance pick up the bill? This allows the veterinary surgeon to give your pet the best possible care and attention without you having to worry about increasing costs or having to opt for a cheaper, and possibly less effective, treatment plan.

What does pet insurance cover?

Pet insurance will cover the costs of illness and injury to your pet, although you will have to pay an excess initially for each condition. You only pay this excess once for each condition and perhaps on an annual basis if treatment is necessary on a lifelong basis.

Most insurance companies will offer two basic forms of cover for your pet; lifetime cover and one year policies. The former will cover a condition for life whereas the latter will place exclusions on a condition (and related conditions) after a period of one year. We strongly recommend that you opt for a lifetime cover policy since many diseases require continuous treatment e.g. arthritis, skin allergies, diabetes, some forms of heart, liver and kidney disease.

Visit the Petplan website to find out more about their insurance policies

Before taking out or committing to a pet insurance policy please read the Association of British Insurers advice on Pet Insurance, this may save you making an expensive error by choosing the wrong policy type.

Pet Insurance Consumer Guide