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We are the ONLY practice in Fife to offer a referral eye care service.

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Pet Travel Scheme

Obtaining a Pet Passport now makes travelling abroad with your pet to participating countries very easy indeed. In order to get a passport, your dog or cat will require to be identichipped and vaccinated against rabies with a single injection. Once this is completed, and presuming you keep the rabies vaccination up to date, you may travel in and out of the UK to participating countries as often as you like without the need for quarantine. The identichipping and single rabies vaccination can be done at the same appointment. Dogs, cats and ferrets can re-enter the UK only 21 days after having their first rabies vaccination if coming from an EU or listed non EU country (e.g. USA). To enter the UK from unlisted non EU countries will involve differing protocols of vaccination and possibly blood sampling dependant on the country. You MUST visit the Defra website for further information and before you book your travel plans.

Before re-entry to the UK, your pet will need to be treated against specific tapeworms, using approved products, between 1 and 5 days before embarkation to the UK. The treatment will be carried out by any qualified veterinary surgeon in the participating countries and may be something you should research before travelling or on arrival at your destination. This treatment will be marked on the pet passport.

For detailed information on the Pet Travel Scheme and Pet Passports we suggest you visit the DEFRA website for the most up-to-date advice. Click on the link below:

Defra website