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At St. Clair Veterinary Group, we are dedicated to the quality care of your pets. We keep up to date with all new treatments and health programmes available and continually strive to improve our services to you and your pet.

Our highly trained staff are here to assist you in planning healthcare programmes to keep your pet happy and in the best of health throughout its life. We understand that whether you have a new pet or a pet that has grown up with you, he or she is an important part of your family.

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Came in today with my dog for his first time there. Really friendly and informative staff, from the vet to the reception staff, great place!

Pauline Thomson

We will work to educate you about your pet’s healthcare needs. We are available to answer any questions you may have about your pet’s health, and we will endeavour to make sure that whatever the reason may be, your visit to our practice will be as pleasant as possible. We have practices at various locations across Fife, which are Kirkcaldy, Woodside and Cadham (both in Glenrothes) and Leven.


  • Neil Geddes Neil Geddes Veterinary Surgeon & Clinical Director
  • Ulrike Hoffman-Johnson Ulrike Hoffman-Johnson Veterinary Surgeon & Clinical Director
  • Fiona Burnet Fiona Burnet Veterinary Surgeon
  • Dawn Robbie Dawn Robbie Veterinary Surgeon
  • Dawn Galloway Dawn Galloway Veterinary Surgeon
  • Emma Bean Emma Bean Veterinary Surgeon
  • Iain Patrick Iain Patrick Veterinary Surgeon
  • Julia Henken Julia Henken Veterinary Surgeon
  • Lina Sanabria Lina Sanabria Veterinary Surgeon
  • Eoghan McGirr Eoghan McGirr Veterinary Surgeon
  • Zuzanna Sroka Zuzanna Sroka Veterinary Surgeon
  • Image not yet available Silvia Levorato Veterinary Surgeon
  • Ugne Grigaliunaite Ugne Grigaliunaite Veterinary Surgeon
  • Laura Morgan Laura Morgan Veterinary Surgeon
  • Ailsa Maltby Ailsa Maltby Veterinary Surgeon


  • Pauline Smith Pauline Smith RVN & Nurse Manager
  • Linda Jack Linda Jack RVN
  • Susan Quinn Susan Quinn RVN
  • Dawn Mackie Dawn Mackie RVN & Assistant Practice Manager
  • Fiona Ross Fiona Ross RVN
  • Leah Paterson Leah Paterson RVN
  • Angela McKenzie Angela McKenzie RVN
  • Alex Caird Alex Caird RVN
  • Rachael Gemmell Rachael Gemmell RVN
  • Amy Douglas Amy Douglas RVN
  • Megan Hastie Megan Hastie RVN
  • Image not yet available Casey Plain RVN
  • Kirsty McLellan Kirsty McLellan Student RVN
  • Adele Pennycook Adele Pennycook Student RVN
  • Kelly Grant Kelly Grant RVN
  • Kathrine Devereux Kathrine Devereux RVN
  • Shannon Jury Shannon Jury RVN
  • Jade Harris Jade Harris RVN

Nursing Assistants

  • Shirley Ross Shirley Ross Nursing Assistant
  • Image not yet available Gillian Sorbie Nursing Assistant
  • Kelly Stirling Kelly Stirling Nursing Assistant
  • Sandra Cairns Sandra Cairns Nursing Assistant
  • Kelly Elder Kelly Elder Nursing Assistant
  • Scott Meldrum Scott Meldrum Nursing Assistant
  • Sharon Wilson Sharon Wilson Nursing Assistant
  • Moira Takacs Moira Takacs Nursing Assistant
  • Shannon Smith Shannon Smith Nursing Assistant
  • Stephanie Milne Stephanie Milne Nursing Assistant
  • Katarzyna Tecza Katarzyna Tecza Nursing Assistant
  • Hazel Cameron Hazel Cameron Nursing Assistant

Management and Administration

  • Hayley McDonald Hayley McDonald Finance Administrator
  • Image not yet available Kevin Brady Practice Manager


  • Kareen King Kareen King Receptionist (Kirkcaldy)
  • Shirley Newall Shirley Newall Reception Manager (Kirkcaldy)
  • Simon Smith Simon Smith Receptionist (Kirkcaldy)
  • Wendy Tait Wendy Tait Receptionist
  • Emma MacKay Emma MacKay Receptionist
  • Carmen Scoon Carmen Scoon Receptionist/Insurance Administrator
  • Gwen Collier Gwen Collier Receptionist
  • Courtney Fisher Courtney Fisher Receptionist
  • Dawn Pavier Dawn Pavier Receptionist
  • Georgia Briant Georgia Briant Receptionist