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We strongly support the principle of insuring your Animal against unexpected illness or accidents. Most insurance companies will allow you to print a claim form from their website; usually, these are in two parts, one section for you (the policyholder). Some insurance companies process claims online. For some insurers and in some instances, we can submit claims directly to your insurers (we refer to these as direct claims) and in other instances, you will have to deal with your insurers directly (we refer to these as indirect claims). We will explain the different types of the claim process and associated costs below.

We offer two types of insurance claim here at St Clair

  • INDIRECT CLAIMS – Admin fee for completion £19.60

With an indirect claim, you will be responsible for settling your account in the normal way directly with us at the time of treatment. If you require information from us as part of your claim, we will provide all reasonable assistance as soon as we are able to.
In order for us to process your claim, you will need to complete a claim form, ensuring you complete and sign the policy holder’s section. Please be aware, if you do not fully complete your section of the form, but it is signed and dated, the rest of the form will be completed at the discretion of our Insurance Administrator. If you would only like to claim for specific treatments, please request a printed invoice from us in advance and ensure the exact items you wish to claim for are clearly stated.

Once the completed form is handed to us and the admin fee paid; this will be processed within 10 working days.

  • DIRECT CLAIMS – Admin fee for completion £19.60

With direct claims, these must always be pre-arranged and approved by our Insurance Administrator in advance. To be considered for a Direct Claim, your bill must be a minimum of £250 excluding any excess and co-payments. You will be required to pay a £19.60 Admin fee, your excess and any co-payments as outlined in your policy.

Please be aware that just because your Insurance Company has advised you that they can offer a direct claim with your Veterinary Practice, this does not mean that the Direct Claim has been approved by St Clair. All Direct Claims will need to follow the process outlined above.

Any anticipated shortfall in the cost of treatment that is not covered by your insurance company will be payable by you to us at the time of making the first direct claim. Any additional shortfall that is owing after the claim has been settled will also be payable by you to us at that time. It is important to appreciate that if having carried out careful checks with you and your insurers, we decide that we are prepared to undertake a direct claim for the treatment of your Animal, this is not a guarantee that your insurers will settle your claim, and if they fail to do so, this will result in a shortfall for which you will be liable to pay us in full.

Insurance claims for Surgical Procedures

If your pet is coming in for non-routine surgery, then you may wish to claim for the costs of this on your Pet Insurance. If you would like to explore the possibility of a direct claim, please ensure that you contact us in advance of the procedure so that this can be reviewed by our Insurance Administrator.

Insurance claims for unexpected hospitalisation

If your pet is unwell and is admitted to St Clair for an unexpected hospital stay or treatment, then you may wish to claim for the costs of this on your Pet Insurance.

If you would like to explore the possibility of a direct claim, please ensure that you notify the vet treating your pet. We will need you to provide us with your Insurance company name and policy number so that we can begin to explore the possibility of a Direct Claim.

Please note we do require 50% of the estimated costs up front, which we will refund to you, less any excess, admin fees and co-payments if a Direct Claim is subsequently approved and set up.

Please be aware that our Insurance Administrator does not work weekends, so all balances will need to be settled if a claim is not set up and approved by the time of discharge.

For all insurance queries, or to discuss the possibility of a direct claim, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please ensure you specify your insurance company and policy number, alternatively you can call our Insurance Administrator direct on 01592 599500 Monday to Friday 9pm- 5pm.