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We are very proud of the excellent facilities at St Clair Vets, but our primary asset is the skill and expertise of our veterinary surgeons. Obtaining additional veterinary qualifications has enabled our vets to accept referral work both from within the practice and from other vets.

Ophthalmology Referral Service

Our Ophthalmology service offers surgical solutions for eyelid, corneal and intra-ocular conditions. Commonly we see patients with Entropion / Ectropion [ eyelid deformity ]; Distichiasis / trichiasis [ in-growing or aberrant eyelashes ]; Corneal Ulcers; Corneal Grafts; Uveal Cysts and Cataracts.

Cardiology Referral Service

We can provide our clients with specialist cardio-respiratory treatment and diagnostics at our Kirkcaldy practice.

Physiotherapy Referral Service

Appropriate cases for referral include patients requiring rehabilitation after surgery such as those that have had cruciate repairs, patella luxations, tendon injuries etc.

Chemotherapy Referral Service

Chemotherapy can be used in several ways depending on the type of cancer that is being treated. Our aim is to maintain a high quality of life while at the same time controlling the cancer.

Veterinary Acupuncture Treatments

Our acupuncture treatments stimulate responses in the body such as increasing circulation, relaxing tense muscles and reducing pain and inflammation.