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Pet Advice Categories

Insurance brings peace of mind that things important to you such as your house, home or health are protected should anything happen. This is also true of pet insurance.

Pet Insurance can be a significant help when your pet is injured or unwell, relieving the financial worry often associated with treating unexpected conditions - we strongly recommend insurance for your pet.

There are several important factors to consider in choosing pet insurance:

Some policies have a specified period of cover meaning if your pet falls ill they will only be covered for that condition for a certain time.

Some policies have a financial limit per condition or in total of what they will pay out for your pet.

You will need to discuss this with the insurance provider. In general, if your pet has been seen for a condition prior to taking out insurance, this may be classed as pre-existing and not be covered.

Please be careful if you are changing your insurance provider. This will count as starting a new policy and any pre-existing conditions will not be covered. This may include any conditions claimed for on your previous policy.

Do St Clair Vets have their own pet insurance scheme which I can take out?

We do not run our own insurance scheme for pets. However, we recommend Pet Plan Insurance.

We do have Pet Health for Life Plans to spread payments for preventative treatments not covered by insurance such as vaccinations and flea and worm control. This is through our St Clair Pet Health for Life Plan and by joining and taking out pet insurance, your pet is covered for all healthcare needs.