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We recommend that both male and female rabbits are neutered from six months of age. Males are castrated and females undergo an ovariohysterectomy.

As with the other species this requires a general anaesthetic and is a longer procedure in the female than the male. Rabbits are regarded as an exotic species when it comes to general anaesthesia and they can pose a greater challenge in this respect. We intubate (pass a breathing tube into the airway) all rabbits undergoing anaesthetic and use only the safest combination of anaesthetic drugs and gases.

We are used to blood sampling rabbits when necessary and often hospitalise bunnies overnight to allow them to make a full recovery with our 24/7 on site nursing care.

It has been suggested that over 50% of female rabbits over the age of four years will develop uterine carcinoma (cancer) so the argument for spaying rabbits is a powerful one.